Presented By: Brian Dickman (Owner of Deep Space)
Campers should pack:
  • If you would like to follow along with the programming demonstration, you should bring a laptop with the Minecraft Computer Craft mod installed (Technic Launcher, Forge or Feed The Beast) and have a Mojang Minecraft account.  (It's not required to follow along.  Spectating is fun too.)
    • Minecraft Account: Borrow a friends or get your own.  Cost $26.95 register at   (This is a multi-step process...must be done in advance.)
    • Install the software:  Technic Launcher for WindowsMacLinux)  After downloading, run the TechnicLauncher program and log in with your Minecraft account, then select the Tekkit mod pack and press the PLAY button.  (This take a long time to load on the first patient...walk away...faster Internet will help...ignore the 'not responding' status of the app if that happens.)
Session Objectives:
  • Understand Minecraft (Why do kids love it so much?)
  • Learn how Minecraft offers opportunities to learn computer programming and engineering
  • Build computers and program robots in Minecraft
  • Examples of problem solving, planning, organization, research and more learned when programming in Minecraft
Session Agenda:
  1. Welcome / Introductions
  2. Falling in love with technology and remembering the glory days
  3. Creating the spark for a future engineer
  4. Taking on serious projects in Minecraft (Examples from our classes)
  5. Closing
    1. Debrief
    2. Feedback
    3. Fill out the Survey
Session Resources: