Session Title: Mystery Classrooms with Google Hangouts
Thursday 7/10 from 1:30 - 3:30
Presented By: Emily Stout

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Mystery Hangout

Campers should pack:
  • Essential Toolkit: Your Laptop (don't forget a charger)
  • Energize: Trail Mix (or preferred snack)
  • Refresh: Water Bottle (make sure it has a lid)
  • Knowledge: Don't forget your brain (be ready to collaborate)!
Session Objectives:
  • Objectives: Learn how google hangouts can increase student engagement, make global connections, and redefine learning in a 21st century classroom.
  • Possible EQ: How does WHERE you live influence HOW you live?
Session Agenda:
  1. Welcome / Introductions 


  2. What is a mystery hangout? We will participate in one!
  3. Set up computers to do a google hangout and try one with someone in the class.
  4. How can you use google hangout in the classroom? 
  5. Time to explore resources and create your own.
  6. Closing
    1. Debrief
    2. Feedback
    3. Fill out the Survey
Session Resources: