Session Title:
Presented By:  Tracie King
Campers Should Pack:
  • Essential Toolkit: Device that you can read ebooks on that the Overdrive app can be downloaded or a laptop that you can use the OverDrive eReader.
  • Energize: Trail Mix (or preferred snack)
  • Refresh: Water Bottle (make sure it has a lid)
  • Knowledge: Don't forget your brain (be ready to collaborate)!
Session Objectives:
  • To share how Overdrive is changing  the way students are reading and what our district offers its patrons with providing us the access to this digital distributor of ebooks, audiobooks, and videos.
Session Agenda:
  1. Welcome / Introductions
  2. Go to with your connected device to play our game.  Use the following pin to enter - 12820
  3. Look at the data
  4. Watch the PowToons
  5. Watch the example
  6. Hands on with OverDrive 
  7. Closing
    1. Debrief
    2. Feedback
    3. Fill out the Survey
Session Resources