Session Title:
Presented By: 
Brooke Fergon, Middle School Science Teacher, Challenge to Excellence Charter School, Parker, Colorado
Campers Should Pack:
  • Essential Toolkit: Your Laptop (optional for this session)
  • Energize: Trail Mix (or preferred snack)
  • Refresh: Water Bottle (make sure it has a lid)
  • Knowledge: Don't forget your brain (be ready to collaborate)!
Session Objectives:
  • Objectives: This session will introduce teachers to the maker movement, making in education, maker tools, project ideas, how to get started with making in the classroom, and more!
Session Agenda
Have you heard about the Maker Movement? What is making? Why is it important? What does it have to do with your classroom? Is making compatible with mainstream education?How can you get started? 

Let's have a conversation about how we can create maker classrooms. Maker tools, maker project ideas, and other resources will also be shared.

Session Resources: