Session Title:
  Nexus 7 and Google Play for Education in the Elementary Classroom
Presented By: Julie Stewart/Beth Mossholder
Campers Should Pack:
  • Essential Toolkit: Your Laptop (don't forget a charger)  We welcome attendees to bring their own android devices; however, we will have devices available for use. Use of a Google account is helpful, as well as use of a touch screen/ tablet interface. Use of an android tablet not necessary.
  • Energize: Trail Mix (or preferred snack)
  • Refresh: Water Bottle (make sure it has a lid)
  • Knowledge: Don't forget your brain (be ready to collaborate)! For beginners looking at using Android tablets in the classroom and how to get started.
Session Objectives:
  • Objectives:  1:1 Strategies & Implementation will be shared with hands-on practice using Google Play for Education. We will demonstrate how to provision a tablet and how easy it is to push and app to an entire class at one time!
Session Agenda:  Click on this link to the presentation here:  Nexus 7 and Google Play EDU
  1. Welcome / Introductions

  2. Activities Here (Don't forget to Chunk & Chew)

  3. Closing
    1. Debrief
    2. Feedback
    3. Fill out the Survey
Session Resources: