App Smashing: Student Creations Using Mulitple Apps

Friday 7/11 from 8:30 - 10:30
Presented By: Emily Stout

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App Smashing: Group Code: 3spgpt

Geek Camp 2014 - App Smashing


Campers Should Pack:
  • Essential Toolkit: Your Laptop (don't forget a charger) and an iPad
  • Energize: Trail Mix (or preferred snack)
  • Refresh: Water Bottle (make sure it has a lid)
  • Knowledge: Don't forget your brain (be ready to collaborate)!
Session Objectives:
  • Teachers will learn about multiple tech tools and how to "smash" them allowing students to reach that higher level of Bloom's and create projects with infinite possibilities in a 21st century classroom.
  • Possible EQs: Why am I writing? For whom? How do effective writers hook and hold their audiences?
Session Agenda:
  1. Welcome / Introductions
  2. Let the Tool Be the Box: App smashing
  3. Create digital pictures
  4. Apps that record
  5. Smash: Video/recording apps
  6. Smash: Build movies
  7. Closing
Session Resources:

App Smashing